8 Wonderful Proven Ways to Sell Your House Faster

ways to sell your house faster
Before you even list your house you’ll want to take planned steps to make sure your home doesn’t stay on the market too long. Start with these 8 ways to sell your house faster.

1. Curb appeal

If you’re selling home you need to make sure it looks nice both inside, and out. If your house looks beautiful from the outside, it’s more likely to catch the eye of potential buyers forcing them to take a brochure, look it up online, or call their realtor to inquire about your property.

2. Stage it properly

Potential buyers want to see the house set up how it was intended to be utilized, it helps them easily visualize themselves living there. For example, if you’re using the pantry as a coat closet that’s fine for you and your family, but make sure you remove your coats before having an open house or listing appointments.

3. Price it right

No matter how good you make your home look, you have to price your home accordingly. Talk to your real estate agent, if you’re using one, and go online and research what comparable homes in your area are selling for. Try to make the best estimate you can with the information you find.

4. De-clutter

Nothing makes a home seem smaller than a bunch of stuff laying around. Put away your knick-knacks, and put items back in their proper place. Again, de-cluttering and de-personalizing your space allows buyers to see themselves living there.

5. Say more, not less

When listing your home tell buyers as much about it as possible. A longer description can actually be a good thing, roughly 250 words is a good rule of thumb. Use poetic language to intrigue buyers to look more into your property.

6. Good photos are key

More home searches are beginning online which means buyers want to see photos, and good photos. Not ones you or your realtor quickly snapped on your phone. Take time to snap some quality photos to put on the listing.

7. Remove your pets

One tip you may not have thought of is to remove your pets and any evidence that pets live there. Prospective buyers shouldn’t know pets live in your home. It might sway their opinion about purchasing the home.

8. Remain flexible

If you’re selling your home, you need to make sure you’re quickly able to vacate if someone wants to see it. Being there while buyers are walking through will make them feel self-conscious and keep them from openly communicating how they really feel about the space.

Spread the word

One last piece of advice to sell your house faster is to make sure you talk about it. Share it on your Facebook page, have your realtor share it on theirs, and make sure it’s listed on all the major online portals. This tip, combined with the above 8 could make the difference between a quick sell and staying on the market.

What other tips do you have to sell your house faster?

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