12 Halloween Costume Ideas Anyone Can Make

Halloween is just around the corner and many costumes can cost a fortune. These 12 Halloween costume ideas will keep you in budget and you or your loved one in full character.

1. Witch

All you need is a black dress and a hat for a standard witch costume. Dress it up further with colorful stockings or tights. Don’t spend money on colored tights though, use your old nylons and dye them with kool-aid.

2. Flapper

Take a step back in time as a flapper. Pick up a retro dress from Goodwill, or another thrift store, wear layers of pearls and high heels.

3. Bee

Perhaps one of the easier costumes to make, all you need is black clothing and yellow duct tape. You can fashion wings out of some cardboard and black or yellow spray paint.

4. Cat

Face paint, a dress or some slacks and t-shirt, and a pair of cat ears. Perhaps even easier than the bee!

5. Carl from Up

This fun costume is just as easy as the rest. A clip on bow tie, suspenders, and grey haired wig. If you want to get really into it, make a walker using PVC pipe and tennis balls.

6. Superheroes

You can get really into this with intricate home sewn costumes, or you can simply make a cape with your kids first name initial on it and a simple mask to match.

7. Wednesday Addams

Once again, a simple black dress will do with a white collared shirt. Apply some dark makeup and get some temporary hair dye and you have yourself a scary member of the Addams family.

8. Lego Block

Get a box, whatever color spray paint you want, and some cheap bowls from the dollar store. Glue the bowls onto the box and spray paint it all. Cut holes for the arms and head and before you know it you have a human Lego block.

9. Chimney Sweep

Really any clothing will do for this. Perhaps try some suspenders and black face paint for soot. You can make a brush out of pipe cleaners, glue, and PVC pipe—or whatever else your mind can imagine.

10. Darth Maul

Star Wars is coming out this Christmas and if you’re a die-hard fan, this costume is for you. Dress in all black, and wear red and black face paint.

11. Green Army Man

Grab some cargo shorts, some toy weapons from the dollar store, a jacket, and lots and lots of spray paint. Spray everything green, let it dry, and come Halloween, apply some face paint and you’ll be good to go.

12. Ghost

Lastly, if you’re really struggling for ideas, the bedsheet ghost is always an easy classic. A bed sheet and a marker will make you the ultimate ghost.

What Halloween costume ideas do you have?

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